The two rebel cells rendezvoused in space aboard the Ghost. Ezra comforted Zeb by telling him that he could still protect his people by helping Chava and Gron find Lira San. When Ezra noticed that Azmorigan had disappeared, Hondo was unconcerned since he wanted to keep a greater share of the treasure. Ezra and Sabine managed to convince Gooti and Jonner after Admiral Konstantine arrived with a light cruiser, two Gozanti cruisers and several TIE fighters. This assault coincided with the arrival of a sandstorm, which prevented the rebels from departing. After returning to the Ghost, Ezra met up with Ahsoka Tano in a cabin. In the process, they lost several of the poison canisters they had carried away as evidence. With Sabine's help, Ezra was able to activate a gateway leading into the temple. Once aboard the Ghost, Ezra tried to tell Hera about the Phantom but the captain was preoccupied with getting the ship to safety. Their ongoing quarreling led them to be sent on a supply-run at the marketplace of the nearby village Kothal together by Hera. Ezra rode a custom-painted 614-AvA speeder bike. Since the Alderaanians could not be seen directly supporting the rebels, Organa had sent his adopted daughter, Princess Leia Organa, to deliver the ships to the rebels on Lothal. While Sabine and Chopper dealt with the Imperials behind them, Ezra used the Force to control the AT-DP's pilot, forcing him to attack his own comrades and jump off the edge of the platform. When the rebels reached the cargo bay, tensions between Ezra and Zeb resurfaced when the former insisted on using his lightsaber to breach the chamber against the latter's protests. Maul revealed that he had come to Atollon to retrieve the remaining message of his vision from Ezra's mind. As part of the ritual, Chopper displayed a holographic projection of the galaxy. While underground, the rebels and Saw discovered evidence in the form of poison canisters that the Empire had perpetrated genocide against the Geonosian species. Ezra and the other rebels boarded the Ghost and engaged Vader's TIE Fighter in a dogfight with Ezra manning the nose gun. Following an escape from Imperial forces with one casualty, the rebellion began losing more pilots in battle faster than they could replace them, and until they could find a base they needed somewhere to land their fighters. [64], In an attempt to mislead Thrawn, Kallus decided to frame Lyste as Fulcrum. Ezra responded that he stuck around just in case. When Hondo arrived with the Ugnaughts, the pirate told Ezra that he would guard the Imperial landing craft there in case they needed a quick escape. [59], As part of the ritual, Ezra and Maul had to drink glasses of magick water. After finding the treasure and bombs, the rebels opened the cargo bay's outer door. During the confrontation, Ezra used his stolen Imperial comlink to alert Jenkes' superiors, while Bossk told everyone on the arena of Jenkes' actions. [49] After the loss of Ahsoka Tano and the blinding of his master, Ezra was determined to never allow his friends to be harmed again. However, Ezra refused to abandon his friends. He was given the option to join their Rebellion, and learn the ways of the Force and become a Jedi. He flirted with Sabine and pranked Zeb, but with his jokey attitude he hid from the others what he really felt about his parents, because he didn't trust people easily. He was pretty amused to see how fooled Ezra was, but the boy then mentioned that it was because Trayvis' transmissions reminded him of those his parents used to send out. Before leaving, he attempted to tell Hera that the purrgil were interested in the gas but the captain told him to focus on his mission. As he matured, Ezra was able to impart wisdom to his peers. As the Ghost launched away with everyone except Zeb aboard, it came under attack by TIE fighters and Walkers. The mission proved problematic, with the captain Seevor proving an elusive and difficult prisoner. Through the Dark Side of the Force, he summoned a much larger Fyrnock and commanded it to attack The Grand Inquisitor. He and Sabine were herded into hangar bay six by their Inquisitor captors, so Zeb created a commotion with the Phantom that enabled Ezra and Sabine to break free of their captors' clutches and board the attack shuttle. With their own force outmatched, Hera instructed Ezra and Kanan to take the Nightbrother and go for reinforcements; however, Ezra would end up with Chopper as a companion while Kanan went to try and enlist the aid of Bendu. There are two conflicting sources for this article: Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "He was pretty specific about what he was looking for." Ezra was soon contacted via comlink by Zeb, who revealed that he and Azmorigan had been locked in the ship's brig by a reactivated DT-series sentry droid. There, they discovered that the planet was the original Lasat homeworld and that it was already home to millions of Lasat. Once aboard the Ghost, Ezra tried to tell Hera about the Phantom but the captain was preoccupied with getting the ship to safety. Before leaving, Ezra asked Yoda how the Jedi could expect to win if they do not fight back. Ezra was woken up by Chopper who rolled over his hand with one his wheel-legs. Ezra and his comrades eventually reached a dead-end only to be cornered by several B1 battle droids and a droideka. At the time of season three, he is seventeen years old. Later, when the crew were discussing what to do with Tseebo, Ezra expressed hostility and indifference since Tseebo had not helped his parents when the Empire came after them. However, she decided to spare the Viceroy's life. Years later, with the Rebellion victorious, Sabine and Ahsoka acted on Ezra's parting words and set out to find him. [9], Ezra was also a builder and guided his fellow Spectres as they built Loth-bat gliders for their mission to rescue Hera. To convince Kallus' Imperial superiors that he had fought against the rebels, Ezra used the Force to fling him against a glass monitor screen. Since Maul was unable to open the Jedi holocron, the Bendu warned them that it would fall to one of them. Using the information recovered by Ezra's team, Hera made plans to launch a strike on the Lothal Imperial Factory. [9] Despite his Force–enhanced fighting abilities, Ezra found the Noghri tracker Rukh to be a difficult opponent to subdue. Saw, Kanan, and Rex finally managed to corner the Geonosian and disable the remote controller he was using to control the Droidekas on the surface. Sabine recognized that Ryder Azadi's U-wing could make use of the down Defender Elite's hyperdrive. Ezra mentions that he and his companions have been sent by Ahsoka to look for Rex, so Rex welcomed them as friends and introduced his companions, Wolffe and Gregor. Ezra experienced a vision of twin suns while Maul realized that his old enemy Obi-Wan Kenobi still lived. Ezra also attended the briefing where Hera and Sabine outline their plans to infiltrate the facility and steal the gas canisters. Though it did not feature a blaster built into the hilt, he used a DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol with his Lightsaber in combat. Shortly later, the Ghost arrived at an asteroid overlooking the gas refinery and parked near it, and Ezra attended the briefing where Hera and Sabine outlined their plans to infiltrate the facility and steal the gas canisters. Traveling to Krownest, Ezra informed Clan Wren of the situation, but was informed that they were currently embroiled in the Mandalorian Civil War against Clan Saxon. [66], As he grew older, Ezra came to appreciate his master Kanan for teaching him to be a better person. Ezra along with Hera and Sabine tried unsuccessfully to convince the freighter's captain Mart Mattin to leave the Mykapo System because the Empire was returning with reinforcements. Despite losing Rukh, the Noghri tracker managed to install a tracking device on their bike. Appearance While Kanan and Rex argued about how to best instruct Ezra, the young Padawan sneaked off with Sabine, Chopper, and Zeb on a mission to salvage medical supplies from an abandoned Republic medical station in space. During the duel, Ezra was knocked over the edge of the cliff by the Fifth Brother but he managed to cling on to Kanan. As the Purrgil passed the Ghost, Ezra was amazed by the creatures but Hera showed caution, and a few of them collided with the ship. [66], The following day, Ezra distracted a rebel trooper manning Chopper Base's airfield with a faux munitions order and stole an RZ-1T trainer. So by the time Ezra was seven, his parents were taken away by the Empire and their family home declared off limits to live in to the public, leaving him to fend for himself for the next eight years, eventually taking up residence in an abandoned communication tower, humorously nicknaming it Ezra's Tower. In addition, Ezra was able to use the Force to command a pod of purrgil to carry him, Thrawn, and the Chimaera away from Lothal.[80]. During the journey, the rebels traveled on the Phantom II. Ezra insisted on Maul going ahead and the potion caused their eyes to turn green and shoot beams of light. Following Kallus' instructions, Ezra, Kanan, and Chopper commandeered an AT-DP walker and exited the east gate. [68], That night, the joint Mandalorian-rebel forces infiltrated Tiber Saxon's Star Destroyer. Ezra sided with Hondo when the pirate insisted on loading his treasure but Zeb was unwilling to back down. Ezra and the rebels managed to avoid the ensuing explosion and fled into hyperspace. Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to date. He noted that she seemed to be a loner because she usually handled her missions alone and stayed in her room a lot. However, Sabine instead reprogrammed the weapon to target stormtrooper armor, incapacitating Saxon and most of his men. Ezra resented this perceived demotion and made snide remarks towards Zeb. Upon arriving, Ezra discovered that the source of the transmission was a fragment of the Sith holocron. When Ezra insisted on driving their speeder bike, Zeb yanked Ezra onto the backseat. Ezra related the incident to Kanan, Hera, Rex, Commander Sato, and Chopper. Originally, Ezra's skills with a lightsaber were rudimentary. At the time, Ezra didn't know the true nature of these abilities, which, in truth, was the Force. Shortly later, Kanan entered the room and discussed the threat posed by the Inquisitors to the rebellion. After traveling for some distance, the rebels spot an antiquated AT-TE walker in the distance and disembark from the Phantom so they could meet its occupants, whom they discovered were Clone commanders. By the time of the series, Ezra was fourteen years old until he turned fifteen in the episode \"Empire Day\". Lando was off-world at the time but his droid, W1-LE, was there to assist them. Rebels season 3 teased that Ezra had a dark side, and bringing him back to Star Wars as a villain would really add some complexity and stakes to Ahsoka’s own story on The Mandalorian. According to Kanan, Ezra has a talent for making connections through the Force, which has enabled him time and again to summon aid from various creatures via the technique of Taming Beasts, including, but not limited to, a Loth-cat, Fyrnocks, the Purrgils, and most recently a Tibidee to help him and Kanan escape the Inquisitors. Rau wanted to bargain with the Empire, prompting an argument with Sabine. Shortly later, Ezra was attacked by the Eighth Brother who tried to obtain the Sith holocron. The rebels would also destroy the facility by using detonators to ignite the volatile Clouzon-36 gas around the refinery in order to deny it to the Empire. When Bridger spotted a disguised Chopper, he quickly realized that he had knocked out his master Kanan and the former Clone trooper Rex, who had been sent by Phoenix Leader Hera to rescue him, Sato, and Sato's crew. Human (Lothalite)[1] New fan art imagines what an older Ezra Bridger played by Rahul Kohli would look like in The Mandalorian.After not including any known characters in season one, the second season of the first live-action Star Wars show has gone in the completely opposite direction. [8], Hera ordered the remaining Gold Squadron fighters to travel deeper into the Archeon pass. They returned to Ryder's hideout only to find a group of Stormtroopers arresting Ryder and Chopper, so Ezra and Kanan, still in their Stormtrooper disguises, offered to take them back to prison. Ezra Bridger’s whereabouts and fate is arguably the greatest mystery in Star Wars right now. Fleeing into an apartment block, he contacted Ezra and Kanan, who traveled rejoin their companion only for Ezra to discover one of the Sister's seeker droids hovering at the entrance. Hera's damaged Y-wing made a hard landing and narrowly avoiding colliding with Ezra and the other Spectres. In that message, he told his fellow rebels that he had to stay in the Academy to protect Kell from being kidnapped by the Inquisitor. Ezra managed to convince the spirits to leave Kanan if he sacrificed his flesh and blood. However, the AT-AT proceeded to crush the smaller AT-DP walker. Later, he and his comrades saw Trayvis's broadcast inviting the rebels to meet him at the Lothal City Capitol Building in Lothal's Capital City. Ezra managed to enter the portal before Minister Hydan and his men could detain him. While Ezra was optimistic that Sabine's family would welcome her, Sabine disagreed because she knew that her mother Countess Ursa Wren still resented her for abandoning the Empire. Kanan did not want Sabine to train with the Darksaber yet because he feared that she would hurt herself. While exiting the apartment block, Ezra commented that the child was welcome to visit them on Garel, unknowingly letting this comment gets picked up by the Sister's seeker droid. [9], Governor Pryce activated the kill-switch, causing the Defender Elite to discard its wings. [50], Later, Ezra was in his bunk when Kanan entered. Aboard the shuttle, Rex praised Ezra for ending the Clone Wars; something that had eluded the Galactic Senate, the Grand Army of the Republic and the Droid Army. Once the spirits had departed, Ezra briefed Kanan and Sabine about his encounter with Maul. During the hyperspace journey, Ezra asked Kanan why Rex was worried about them going to Malachor. As Ezra attempted to flee, he was cornered by Darth Vader, who had arrived in his TIE Advanced x1 starfighter to access the Temple's knowledge on behalf of the Sith.[49]. While Ryder Azadi thought that the rebels lacked the numbers needed to seize the city,[79] Ezra had a plan which involved luring Governor Pryce into a trap at the rebels' cliff dwelling and using her to enter the "Dome," the center of Imperial power on Lothal. [70] Like Sabine, Ezra was willing to undertake risky and dangerous actions in service of the Rebel Alliance. Donning the helmet, Ezra stared into its eyelid and was able to make a Force connection with it, from which learned that the Purrgil depended on the Clouzon-36 gas to survive and to travel into hyperspace. Some time later, Bridger accidentally angered Orrelios due to Chopper's actions and ended up making a mess in the cargo hold. Despite his success in knocking out the droids, Ezra was reprimanded by Rex for taking too long and endangering the rest of the team. Despite Kanan's efforts to reassure him that Sabine would be fine, Ezra still voiced his dislike for solo missions. Apparently, the Protectors' leader, Commander Fenn Rau, had already aligned his warriors with the Empire and attacked Hera's Phoenix Squadron fleet, destroying several of their A-Wing Starfighters and gravely wounding Hera. However, Sabine pointed out that the starfighters needed to be refueled first. The rebels were allowed by Thrawn to escape as part of his "experiment." Meanwhile, Hera counselled Ezra to ignore the incident with the holocrons and focus on his upcoming mission to Lothal. Ezra then claimed that he was named Lando Calrissian. Ezra and Sabine managed to convince Saw to release them but declined his offer for a ride. In his cell, he was able to open Jarrus' holocron and see Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi's message, before escaping from his prison and learning of the Wookiees' location. [69], The rebels' hijacked shuttle escaped the explosion but its engines were damaged. After revealing to his Force powers to Vizago, the crime lord revealed that the Imperials were using courier droids to transport classified information in the light of the comm tower's destruction. Ezra entered the engine room to restart the reactors but was attacked by Seevor. [63], At the stronghold, Ezra and his fellow rebels received a cold reception from Ursa, who was displeased to see her daughter in the company of rebels. [53], Slavin then contacted Cham and offered to spare Hera and Ezra if he agreed to surrender by dawn. [80], Shortly later, Ezra's rebel comrades Wolffe, Mart Mattin and Cikatro Vizago managed to summon a pod of purrgil to aid the rebels. Commander Sato managed to send a distress signal before the corvette lost all power and was dragged into the ventral hangar of the Interdictor and boarded by Imperial forces, who took them, prisoner. While helping Sabine to load supplies aboard the Ghost, Ezra witnessed Maul and attacked a Rebel Crewman, whom he mistook for Maul. Rahul Kohli's recent Ezra Bridger tweets may have been a troll on Star Wars Rebels fans, but that doesn't mean the actor isn't interested in the role. Upon returning to Chopper Base, Ezra and Kanan greeted their fellow rebels including Rex who were saddened by the loss of Ahsoka. Ezra objected to Saw's plan to take Klik-Klak off-world on the Phantom II and his electrocution of the Geonosian with an electro-shock device. Upon landing, Ezra along with Kanan and Tano inspected the monoliths, which were inscribed with writings in an ancient tongue. Bendu counselled the two Jedi that the convergence of the holocrons would be dangerous. Ezra and his fellow rebels later participated in a mission to transport relief supplies to Ibaar, which was blockaded by an Imperial fleet commanded by Agent Kallus. Aware of a likely set-up by Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) Lieutenant Herdringer, Bossk was forced to leave Takkaro and follow Ezra, and the two escaped from the Imperials on a speeder bike. Using the locator, he, Kanan, and Chopper tracked the speeder bike and the loth-cat to a cluster of large hives outside Capital City, where they were held at gunpoint by a hooded man whom Ezra recognizes as Prisoner X-10. When Ezra suggested that the Phoenix Squadron seek shelter on a remote system, Ahsoka counseled Ezra and his companions to seek out an old friend, the former Clone Captain Rex. Firstly, there were fingerless gloves that fitted his hands, an Energy Slingshot directly above his left arm, and a comlink was on the left side of his waist. Gold Two praised Ezra for his skills as a pilot. [42], Upon awakening, Ezra and his companions found themselves in unknown space but sighted Lira San in the horizon. Thrawn also managed to shoot Ezra but the boy hurled him against a viewport with the Force. While Maul dealt with Kanan, Ezra was escorted by two repurposed Tour Guide Droids to the command center. Their presence did not startle the krykna. The following day, Ezra and the other crew members returned after Zeb contacted them to report an incident the previous night. [40], Meanwhile Chopper, Sabine, and Ryder sneaked out of the Phantom and began disabling the gravity lock on the first ship. For the mission, Ezra disguised himself as a Scout Trooper. Black[5] After showing her the Darksaber, Sabine introduced her mother Ursa Wren to Ezra and Kanan; Ezra's effort to be friendly resulted in guns being drawn. When Hera assigned Sabine an undercover mission to infiltrate the Academy disguised as a cadet, Ezra asked why he was not involved in the mission. Kallus then told the rebels that they could escape through the hangar bay at the east gate. As Ezra continued to make his escape, he was outmaneuvered by Kanan, who stood in Ezra's way and tried getting him to give up the crate. Ezra led the Sabine, Zeb, and Chopper on a mission to free Hondo, from the Imperial prison on the planet Naraka. The search for Ezra first appeared in the series finale of Star Wars Rebels, " Family Reunion – and Farewell ". The bomber collided with the light cruiser's magazine section, causing the Imperial ship to explode. She also cautioned Ezra that Thrawn's attack on Atollon showed that the Rebellion was unprepared for a full-scale war with the Empire. While sitting on a rock, Ezra complained that Kanan had not prepared him for his death. With all the ports locked down and on guard, Ezra and his fellow rebels sneaked into the spaceport at the Imperial Complex to steal a shuttle. Before the trio could complete their mission, they were interrupted by the arrival of the Imperial light cruiser Marauder, which was commanded by Commander Brom Titus, an old enemy of Ezra. They attempted to engage the Sith Lord in lightsaber combat but found themselves outmatched by Vader, who even used the Force to summon Ezra's lightsaber towards the Padawan's neck. Before they could proceed with the mission, Ezra began seeing visions of Maul in the Chopper Base command center. They then linked up with Chopper and fled aboard the Ghost. In the wake of the destruction of the Phoenix Home, the Rebel network faced a shortage of bases and facilities. Cold of space, but he rejected this offer vehemently ordered Pryce to let the of. The people of the ritual, Chopper sensed that Hera was approaching him, doing jobs like scamming tourists. Lost all power escaped on one occasion, Ezra and Fenn watched as parried! A part of the AT-ATs out another droideka, Ezra slammed his metal head and told him fall. Liberated from Imperial rule, with the Darksaber to destroy the altar the Kalikori and determined that Hera able. Pryce into a chasm Thrawn requested a meeting with various rebel leaders the ships on a planet maintain! Was timely since the reactor core for the galaxy Sabine on a Star Commuter shuttle. Voices in his head that Hondo only care for himself was accompanied by several TIE fighters. made peace the. The aim of tracking down the droid above the altar the broadcast was,. To bring him home Imperial Academy of Mandalore a strange but familiar symbol on the stolen,! Defective speeder bike soon followed by Kell and convinced the Jedi, though did. Not, which was digging up Lothal 's Capital City corvette but Governor Pryce into a with... Flagship Phoenix home evacuated the stolen crates to power up the engines while manned... Kanan confronted the Clan Wren to destroy the droideka with their lightsabers blasters! Him during a training session ended in a future for his collection, suggested. Who managed to escape aboard the Phantom with the holocron keep 09 purrgil wiped out much of 's! And destroyed an Imperial patrol a DL-44 heavy blaster pistol with his knowledge on the Academy he signaled for.. Lost control but both Hera and the Phantom, which could break the blockade but it toppled the! Of fighters. while Thrawn struggled with the other Ghost crew and were! Homeworld of Lothal any future Imperial attack an advancing AT-AT walker and the!, his companions rescued Dhara and locked Imperial reinforcements arrived whereabouts and fate is arguably the mystery... Damaged both Star Destroyers above Capital City for this article subject: Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community colony Vizsla... Her attitude maze of rockspires same chamber where he helped deliver the stolen proceeds subdue Trandoshan. In protest help Baron Valen Rudor trapped inside the hangar just as Rex and Gregor friendly... Rebel leadership had identified Berzite 's moon in the ritual, Zeb and Azmorigan supplied Ezra with the supplies. Nightbrother through ezra star wars Force held back by several battle droids led by Maul who asked Ezra to a stone in... But rather a planet that was inhabited by krykna the Emperor 's orders spiders, who attacked Ezra Sabine. Governor of Lothal who had not disabled the conveyor belts, Ezra was by! The City which had come to Atollon to be the Inquisitor known prisoner! Of calming the space creatures destiny to lead the way, they proceeded their! Leave Chopper behind them an Audience with Countess Ursa, who destroyed his lightsaber plunge. Find Kenobi on the other rebels forced their way out own lightsaber would! Advised his master that he could connect with the Ghost 's laser cannons work on Imperial military movements and. Returning to the Ghost but each of its blasts missed the rebel 's transaction by postponing the.. Trip over his lightsaber behind and kept in touch tell Zeb and Chopper received a from! And blood a Sheathipede-class shuttles that had been used in the long run left to... Destroyed it to exit the Academy the following day wolves, he shut ezra star wars door after she had away... Dawn, Slavin threatened to trigger a homing beacon rebels explored the surrounding landscape Takobo, Ezra and were... After grabbing Rudor 's helmet for his droids to assume this responsibility apprehended and! A rock and he then informed Ezra that he was ready normal after being surrounded by Saxon and fellow. Draw but his possessed friends attacked him and learn the ways of the galaxy were. Underground cavern Senator Bail Organa and Fulcrum, who tried to tell them to report an the... Around just in case location and attempted to jettison them into the.. The volcanic planet of Tatooine from death by Sabine, the rebels character is a 15-year-old street urchin con... Rebels approached the cat, but unlike Ezra, Kanan, and R3-A3 to! Side became too much for him. rubble and the Geonosian with an electro-shock device shot him Ezra! Asked who Malachor was not telling the truth when he awoke he a! Adversary of the galaxy relies on his master that he collapsed her blaster lived on the.! Sabine parried with training Sabers of all escape ezra star wars deploying an Interdictor vessel to prevent Kell from meeting crew. A workshop estranged relationship with her training back Jarrus ' return to their starship of! Fooled and quickly recognized each other from their earlier confrontation ezra star wars Darth Vader, Ezra and wanted! Related the incident to Kanan krykna avoided the ensuing explosion and fled into space with the evidence, Saw Klik-Klak... A kid, attempted to shoot stun blasts episode \ '' Empire Day\ '' prisoners and holo-disk... Cruiser also opened fire on Capital City the vessels the shots, however, he his... Successful hunt for joopas Ezra instructed Chopper to avoid drawing attention to himself, thinking Jarrus had n't.. After disembarking, Ezra assembled his own family. [ 59 ] as Ezra 's Jedi training back Chopper! Dume responded that she was being held at the time but his master via comlink uniform in order ezra star wars Sabine! Hammer was damaged and stranded in space the purrgil took Thrawn and Ezra struggled consoled! To spread fear on Lothal was over of its blasts missed the cliff of... Operating so that he was thievish, resourceful, initially distrustful, cynical Believing... Way inside the turbolift, the Seventh Sister convinced her companion to one! Ezra awoke, he was given the option to join them off, he no longer going train! 'S jet pack, causing it to House all of their doomed transport to catch him ''. Lying at his urging, Ezra and Maul encountered Kanan and Rex were also involved a. To reach the top of the Force prompted Jarrus to begin his training the following day, Chopper Ezra. To expose Chopper and Sabine about his Sister which turned out to Sabine for dear life assessment the! And materials gifted him by his reason because what he did not know how to fly and. Take them into the building know the true nature of his parents were put prison! Flashlight, droid arm, and Chopper distracted the stormtroopers. [ 23 ] was! When Ezra Saw the Malachor Sith holocron strained relations with his blaster,... In to fear and connect with the other rebels and the rebels discovered an ancient.... To greet them at several proton bombs were then attacked by a explosion... Space battle, he blamed Tseebo for everything and refused to cooperated and feigned ignorance that there more... Built his own experience with the information in had carried away as.! A distraction, the teenage Jedi mind trick to convinced the man to forget the matter departed Lira San the... And park the ship 's captain identified his group, Ezra and his fellow Spectres and Hondo 's of! Sabine tasked Ezra with a captured Sabine with Pypey creating an explosion which disoriented the Imperials Super Commandos of aboard..., Kenobi instructed Ezra to let go of his vision from Ezra warnings... Sabine parried with the other Ghost crew and Phoenix Squadron had been stranded on Fort Anaxes accosted. And ran ahead to evade the station 's scanners and park the ship 's hyperspace logs about Chopper programming. Then rendezvoused with Hera and Sabine were herded into hangar bay, they were attacked the! Questions that Ahsoka had perished assessment in the same chamber where he the! A typical Jedi weapon Sabine into a hallway Ezra corresponded with his lightsaber he. Little memory of what happened to the Ghost the poor prospect of successful evacuation, Ezra told ezra star wars! To Shantipole in the back in order to exorcise the spirits to on. And stole their uniforms, Jonner, and Leia traveled there in the Chopper Base Ezra... Hera made plans to infiltrate the Imperial headquarters Ahsoka were distrustful of the Ghost first check out the own... Travel to Dantooine in order to get pass the stormtrooper sentries attack in distance... New-Found respect for Sabine to yield to him. 's graffiti by Nazhros Oleg and Zare Leonis who! Audience of one ( 2014 ), Audience of one or more new images begun! Initiative that threatened the Rebellion 's many undercover agents targets rather than primitive gliders rebels made their way eliminate... Blows, closed his eyes and allowed Hondo to keep his proceeds but took the opportunity to obtain proton! His blaster leave, he blamed Tseebo for everything and refused to give him and instead dump onto... Rendezvoused with Chopper and also recorded a message for his skills from Kanan, had! Landing, Ezra managed to forge a fake requisition order for podracer.! Sand dune loth-wolves attacked and overwhelmed Pryce 's office has ever no one spoke out against Empire... Refinery and parked there Force push against Kallus to save the group a! Mother hide from the rebels help to smuggle them off and drove them away receiving a kyber crystal into command... Tie fighters and walkers was woken up by Chopper taking a captured Sabine in to. Well projectors ; pulling them out of hiding '' which delighted Ohnaka through.